“In the past four years, we’ve managed to send six of our students to the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University to study in the School of Natural Sciences,” says Richard Kazadi, the Mutanda School’s headmaster. This is thanks to a combination of visionary teaching and Barrick’s continued support of the school. In the past few years, Barrick has assisted the school with scholarships, training for its headmaster, and built the school a shiny new science lab.

“Before the lab was built, science was taught as a theory subject. Now, with the laboratory, children can do practical exercises. It has motivated them to develop an interest in science.”

The school sets the bar very high academically, and emphasises the importance of quality. In the four years that the lab has been running, the proportion of students able to perform at the level deemed satisfactory by the school – i.e. a credit pass or better – has more than doubled, and even reached nearly 90% at one stage.

Watch this heart-warming video to see students using the science lab in action.

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