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The Road to Recovery: A policy brief for a post-COVID Zambian economy

How will Zambia’s already weakened economy survive the mounting fiscal pressures of COVID-19? The Zambia Chamber of Mines’ brand new report, The Road to Recovery: A policy brief for a post-COVID Zambian economy, offers a narrow pathway to redemption which, if carefully followed, will set Zambia on the road to economic recovery and — crucially — on a growth footing for the future.


A Tax Too Far – The economic impact of Zambia’s proposed Sales Tax

A report on Zambias proposed Sales Tax. What is it? How does it compare to other countries? And what will be its impact on the mining industry and the economy?


Taxing the mining sector – A report by the Zambian Chamber of Mines | 2018/2019

The 2018/2019 report by the Zambian Chamber of Mines.


The 10-year miracle – The story of mining in North-Western Province – Zambia Chamber of Mines

This booklet is based on interview material obtained during a one-week visit to North-Western Province. We visited Kalumbila, Lumwana and Solwezi, and the three mines there. Interviews were conducted with mine employees, mine suppliers, and residents of Kalumbila, Lumwana and Solwezi.

Searching For Taloent ebook in Mining for Zambia library

Searching For Talent – Skills and Employment in The Global Mining Industry

A report about the global nature of mining skills, and how the world’s mines – including Zambia’s – are experiencing a serious shortage of skilled, experienced people.

a brighter future booklet

A Brighter Future – Powering Zambia’s Economy 

The Zambia Chamber of Mines has released a booklet that explains the challenges of providing adequate electricity in Zambia, and explores options for the future.

Taxation and Mining Investment Booklet Cover of November 2016

Taxation and Mining Investment in Zambia

A Zambian Chamber of Mines publication that explains, in layman’s terms, the challenges of designing a mining tax regime that benefits both the mines which pay tax, and the governments which receive it (November 2016)

mining weekly cover image

Mining Weekly – Electing for Security

A special feature by Mining Weekly outlining the stabilising effect of President Lungu’s re-election on the Zambian mining industry (September 2016)

Creamer Media's Mining Weekly July 2016

Mining Weekly – Copper Compromise

A special feature by Mining Weekly on the collaborative processes behind Zambia’s new Mineral Royalty Tax system (July 2016)

copper mining in zambia cover image

Copper mining in Zambia – history and future

A discussion on the impact of the mining industry in Zambia on the economy in areas such as employment, support for other industries, direct contribution to the national gross domestic product (GDP), foreign exchange earnings, and social amenities (June 2016)

mining underground view

Zambia Mining Investment and Governance Review

A review assessing sector performance from the perspective of three stakeholder groups – government, investors in the mining value chain and civil society (April 2016)

A guide to understanding Mineral Royalty Tax

A guide to understanding Mineral Royalty Tax (MRT)

A short booklet by the Zambia Chamber of Mines explaining MRT, and mining taxation generally, in terms a layperson can understand (February 2016)

Seventh Report of the Zambian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Seventh report of the Zambia Extractive Transparency Initiative (Zeiti)

A report by Zeiti which aims to reconcile the financial information provided by mining companies with that provided by the government (December 2015)

Making Mining Work for Zambia

A report by the World Bank on the Zambian mining industry (June 2015)

International Monetary Fund

Zambia Selected Issues

A report by the International Monetary Fund on the Zambian mining industry and the broader economy (June 2015)

ICMM Report

Enhancing mining’s contribution to the Zambian economy and society

A report by the International Council on Mining and Metals on how mining affects the Zambian economy (April 2014)

between a rock and a hard place mining image

Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

A perspective on the future of taxation in mining by Wood McKenzie Consulting (June 2012)

Minerals Taxation Regimes Analysis and Observations

Minerals taxation regimes – the challenge of mineral wealth

A report by the International Council on Mining and Metals on the issues and challenges countries face in the design of mining-tax regimes (February 2009)