Ensuring safety in the workplace is a never-ending job – especially when your workplace is a mine site. First Quantum Minerals believes that safety improves when workers are well-equipped to assess their environment, identify hazards and take action using their own critical judgement, rather than following blanket rules and one-size-fits-all procedures. In other words, they are equipped to ‘THINK!’

FQM’s THINK! programme reminds the workforce to:

T – Take the Time
H – Highlight the Hazard
I – Identify what could go wrong
N – Necessary actions to be taken?
K – Keep safety first!

Trainees at FQM Trident's safety course

Pictured above are 24 employees from departments across FQM Trident’s mining operations, who recently completed an intense 10-day ‘trainer of trainers behavioural enhancement safety programme’. FQM Trident General Manager Junior Keyser assured the team of management support and commitment to making the workplace safer, even if it means stopping work deemed unsafe.

Mr THINK SAFETY statue at Kansanshi Mine

And the statue? That’s “Mr THINK SAFETY”, who arrived on the scene at Kansanshi Mine in May 2023, having been commissioned by Kansanshi’s General Manager, Anthony Mukutuma. He’s a daily reminder to all employees and contractors: Safety starts with you.


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